Did you include the most important person on your Valentine’s Day gift-giving list this year? Have you guessed who that is? It’s the person reading this blog…you. Wonderful you! I actually heeded my own advice for the first time.

As I opened the See’s candy store door in early February to buy a birthday gift for my dad and stepped in, I was overwhelmed by a tidal wave of red, white, and pink. First thought, “Well, apparently, it’s going to be a birthday gift with Valentine’s Day wrapping this year!”

Sailing through the sea of color searching for his favorite box of candy—assorted chocolates—I noticed my favorite on the display shelf, California Brittle. Should I? No, I’m here to buy a gift, I thought. But, then, a quote that stuck with me popped into my head. It was from a TV interview with Oprah Winfrey and the late Maya Angelou. I’ll never forget how Maya smiled at Oprah and said, “Even moderation in moderation.”

The older I get, and the more losses of loved ones that I experience, I have switched my motto from “Everything in Moderation” to Maya’s, “Even Moderation in Moderation”. Life is short. We just don’t know how long we have on this Earth.

So, I grabbed one eight-ounce bag of California Brittle and added it to my purchase. And you know what? It felt good! I didn’t even care about the cost or calories, believe it or not. That’s because I thought to myself that if I were gone tomorrow, I would have missed out on enjoying my favorite candy, just because it’s a bit more expensive and fattening.

Why do we not hesitate in buying premium items when it comes to our loved ones, but we do for ourselves? I have decided that purchasing that eight-ounce bag of California Brittle is going to be my annual tradition, maybe even quarterly or monthly. Why not?

How about you? Find something to treat yourself to today. You deserve it! Remember, Maya said it best—“Even Moderation in Moderation.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Love, Denise