All Holidays 2 book

ALL Holidays, Volume 2 – Our 2nd ALL Holidays volume returns with stories, flash fiction and more poems: free-form, rhyming, Haiku, and split sequence. Visit traditional and non-traditional celebrations from 30 authors sharing holidays from Thanksgiving to Halloween. NCPA’s Second Holiday anthology is as stuffed with fun and entertaining stories as the turkey is with dressing.

Denise’s story:  Golfing in Reverse.

Rabbit at the Sliding Door: Chloe’s Story– When an unexpected visitor arrives at Denise’s sliding door one summer morning, she had no idea her life was about to change forever. She found a Palomino in her backyard—not the kind she ever thought she’d see in suburbia or that she needed—with a fluffy white tail and a twitchy pink nose. For her own safety, this abandoned rabbit could no longer be free range. Denise and Chloe’s journey takes them both through harrowing situations to a reunion with the promise of protection, devotion, and serenity.

Horse at the Corner Post: Our Divine Journey – A three-decade-long true story which epitomizes the power of a spiritual bond of love between two best friends: one, two-legged; the other, four. Horse at the Corner Post reminds us all of the unconditional love animals give, and the immeasurable joy they bring to our lives.

Destination: The World, Volume Two: A Collection of Short Stories about Travel/Vacations

Denise’s Story: Colonial Longshot

Following an epic year marred by a pandemic, NCPA introduces Destination: The World, Volume Two, an anthology filled with travel accounts and fun experiences. Immerse yourself in this diverse, one-of-a-kind NCPA Anthology. There’s a story within these pages for everyone.

All Holidays 2020: An NCPA Anthology- ALL Holidays means exactly that. Our First Annual ALL Holidays 2020 anthology includes both traditional and non-traditional holidays from New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve, with celebrations from many lands, religions, and cultures. NCPA’s First Holiday Anthology is packed as full as a Christmas stocking with fun stories and entertaining traditions.

Denise’s Story: Around the Tinsel Pine

Destination: The World, Volume One: A Collection of Short Stories about Travel/Vacations- Take a journey around the world with 35 authors from NCPA as they share their stories covering nearly every continent and a vast array of cultures.

Denise’s Story:  Security Checkpoint

More Birds of a Feather: A Collection of Short Stories about Animals and Other Things- From their size, color, and the way they see the world, animals are diverse—and so are the delightful stories in this anthology. This collection will touch your heart and remind you that no matter how many legs we have, we all have much in common.

Denise’s Story:  Live Like a Kid

Birds of a Feather: A Collection of Short Stories About Animals-A collection of fiction and nonfiction animal stories by NCPA authors and poets. All kinds of animals, a wide variety of writing styles, something to please every animal lover.

Denise’s Story: My Name is John Paul

Inspire Kindness: Inspiring Stories of Tender Kindness From God and Among His Children-This anthology, by Inspire Christian Writers, is a collection of over forty stories, poems, and devotionals that are testimonies to everyday acts of kindness…big and small.

Denise’s story: Charitable Compassion


Inspire Love: Inspiring Stories of God’s Love For and Between His Children-In this anthology of over seventy stories, devotions, poems, and real events, you will find testimonies of His love. They will inspire you to celebrate all the loves of your life.

Denise’s story: Sharing My Hero on Mother’s Day


Our Dance with Words: A Collection of Fine Writing from Northern California Authors-Our neighbors, coworkers, and acquaintances—even the strangers in our check-out lines—have stories to reveal. In Northern California, these talented storytellers among us have recorded emotional events and perceptive insights for this anthology we title Our Dance with Words.

Denise’s story: Keep Moving Forward


Golden Prose & Poetry:  A Collection of Short Stories, Essays & Verse from Writers in Northern California- This anthology from members of Northern California Publishers & Authors delivers bold, imaginative short stories alongside true tales, travelogues and sentimental free verse.

Denise’s story: Princess of Purpose