Oopsie! Clearly, I need to take golf lessons and/or improve my math skills. I’ll explain.

As dad and I approached the turn to the Back 9 at the golf course this morning, the sign gave directions to the “10th”. That makes sense to me now. An 18-hole golf course equals 1-9 in the front and 10-18 in the back; hence, the Back 9 starts at the 10th —duh. Why didn’t I realize that when I was writing my Father’s Day blog post, “A One-of-a-Kind Golfing Adventure?

I said in the story that it was the 9th that we were in search of; instead, it was the 10th. I should have had my dad proofread the story for accuracy before publishing the blog post since he knows the sport of golf much better than me, but I wanted him to be surprised and honored by my tribute to him when he first read my Father’s Day blog post.

Traveling the course today brought back fond memories of last Father’s Day. It was nice to walk in the beauty of the course and also relive the challenges by trying not to hit the ball into the water or sand traps! The morning temps quickly rose into the 90’s, but it didn’t matter…we were enjoying nature and our time together. My most treasured moments are watching my dad in action on the golf course and experiencing the patience of a true father giving his daughter golfing tips along the way.

We’ve agreed that our annual Father’s Day tradition will always include the Back 9 Breakfast Deal. While we were in the middle of our breakfast in the restaurant built with floor-to-ceiling glass walls next to the golf course, Dad commented, “A golf cart just went took that first left.” We reminisced about our experience last year and wondered how the morning would go for those golfers. The reservation desk clerk’s instructions to take a left to reach the Back 9 must have been confusing to them as well. But, it only took those golfers about three minutes before they were back at the intersection, turning up the hill and heading to the correct left turn.

I hope your Father’s Day has been as enjoyable as ours. Thanks again for allowing me to share our special moments with you this Father’s Day.

Lots of Love,