As the world distances itself from one another, it may seem like family traditions are thrown out the window this year. But I don’t believe it has to be that way. Memories are what the holidays are all about, right? We just need to serve creativity along with our Thanksgiving dinner.

I often think about my ancestors who navigated the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918. We have the ability to see each other today via computer technology. They didn’t have delivery trucks fulfilling online orders by bringing food and supplies to their doorsteps. We truly have no business whining in today’s world.

Find modern ways to connect with family and friends tomorrow. I know that your ingenuity will create something special. Don’t you look back on your life and treasure those holiday traditions that didn’t go quite as planned? You can do it, friend! Get busy! Create the best Thanksgiving you’ve ever had!

Thank you for continuing to ride this journey of life with me. I love you and am grateful year-round for your unwavering friendship.

In Gratitude,

Denise Lee Branco