With Mother’s Day soon upon us, I’m blessed with another year to celebrate my humble mom…to remind her of the hero that she is to me and others. Well, this year, I happily share her heroism with an especially grateful feline.

Around mid-April, my mom noticed a cat roaming the neighborhood. She began asking around to see if it belonged to someone. When it didn’t, she couldn’t stand to see it go hungry and began to feed it. She hoped that eventually she’d earn its trust, catch it, and find out if he had an owner. Well, that day came on Friday, April 28, 2017.

The kitty dropped by for his usual breakfast, but this day he decided to lounge and sunbathe. Mom coaxed him into the garage with wet food. New friend and Field Haven Feline Rescue volunteer Becky Nelson saw my “found cat” post with his photo on social media and was planning a visit to my mom’s home later that day to see if this kitty might be her beloved kitty, Milo, who has been lost for months in Lincoln Hills.

Well, with the kitty now in mom’s garage, the hopeful reunion visit was expedited. Sadly, the kitty was not Becky’s, but she was so kind to take him to Field Haven for microchip scanning. I can’t stress enough the importance of microchipping your pets, because if it weren’t for a microchip, this kitty wouldn’t have found his way back home. Kitty Tyler was reunited with his owner, David, that evening after they were apart for five months. Doesn’t that just warm your heart? Tears of joy!

I am very proud of my mom. She is truly Tyler’s first guardian angel. My mom is ecstatic that Tyler is back home, but she tells me how much she misses seeing him on her porch and caring for him…which doesn’t surprise me if you know my mother. She loves all animals. If she hadn’t asked me to drop by after work two days prior when she was out of town to refill the rabbit food container near Tyler’s bowl and the backyard bird feeder (yes, my mother feeds the wild birds and cottontail bunnies), I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to take photos of Tyler and post them on social media. My mother doesn’t own a smartphone nor use a computer. I feel blessed that because I do, I had the opportunity to play a role in Tyler’s journey home.

For me, this is nothing but divine intervention. After five months on the road, Tyler was divinely lead to the person He knew has a huge love of animals. That’s where Tyler’s trip back home began. After that, countless animal lovers advised, got the word out, and offered to help in any way. Thank you to all involved. I LOVE a happy ending…especially when it involves our beloved pets!

Wishing all mothers…our true heroes…a lovely Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!