In keeping with the “Out with the Old; In with the New” theme from my last blog post, I decided to try a new social media platform and become an official “IGer” (that translates to “Instagrammer”—someone who uses Instagram.) I’ve heard that Instagram is a great tool for authors in promoting books, events, etc.; I just don’t know where to begin or how to keep momentum going with engaging posts.

I’m hoping you can help me get started. What scenes could I create which would be inspirational? I’ve heard that including products like books in the proper setting could accomplish just that. What types of posts would keep people coming back to my page? How could I pique someone’s interest in becoming and remaining my Instagram follower? Can you give me some tips on how to navigate the app?

My Instagram “handle” is:  I look forward to your advice!

(Pardon me as I head for the pantry to grab some graham crackers. Something about the gram in Insta that triggered my craving 😊)

Brand New IGer,
Denise Lee Branco