Are you celebrating every victory? I’m here to tell you, you should. Every last one of them. Big or small. Rejoice! Be proud. You’ve earned it. You’ve worked hard. You took a chance. You did it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Cat Writers Association (CWA) held their annual Communications Contest covering the calendar year 2018. Each entry was individually judged by three Professional CWA members. Certificates of Excellence were awarded to finalists who received an average score of 90 or above from all three judges. Finalists then became eligible for the MUSE Medallion in their category and that award was presented last month at the annual CWA conference.

I’m a fairly new member of CWA, joining just last year. So, when CWA announced it was accepting contest entries this past November, I didn’t even consider entering. I presumed I was much too inexperienced as compared to the incredibly talented cat book authors, freelancers, and bloggers in our organization.

It was at the encouragement of CWA Secretary and Contest Chair Wendy Christensen who said in the November email to members announcing the contest, “I would especially love to see entries from a much larger range of CWA members, particularly those who have never entered a CWA Contest before.”

Guess what? I went for it! I entered When You Are Called Upon in the Written Article: Feline-Human Bond category. My first CWA contest entry ever!

We all need a Wendy. She was my encourager. Her written words helped me see that this would not only be a great learning opportunity to improve my writing specifically related to precious felines, but it would be another way I could honor the memory of my dear kitty, Squirt.

I’m sharing my story with you to be your Wendy. Don’t shy away from taking a chance on something you don’t feel fully equipped. Our days on Earth aren’t guaranteed.

You must go for it! How will you know unless you try? Encourage yourself to leap. You could discover you’re a lot more qualified than you think.


Your Devoted Encourager,
Denise Lee Branco